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Rope halters

Rope halters are popular in natural horsemanship and western riding but can of course be used no matter which discipline you practice. Halters made out of rope are thinner than other types of halters (nylon, leather and similar materials), which makes it uncomfortable for the horse to pull on the halter and encourages the horse to listen to you. Because of this, rope halters are very useful training tools for groundwork and riding but can also make the daily handling of your horse easier. A rope halter is of course not a miracle cure that solves all problems, but it can make things a little easier.

Please note that you should never leave a horse unsupervised with a rope halter on. Rope halters are extremely durable and will most likely not break if the horse for example gets caught on something or tries to break loose when tied up, which can result in serious injury. Therefore you should not turn out your horse in a rope halter and I also do not recommend tying up your horse with a rope halter in a trailer since it might be difficult to intervene quickly if something were to happen. As long as you keep these things in mind rope halters are very safe and effective training tools.

Below you can find several different types of rope halters, both standard rope halters and other more unusal variants that you might not have seen before.

Standard rope halters and rope halters with lead rope ring (instead of rope loops)

Rope halters with knot adjustment - rope halters you do not need to tie

Rope halters with running lead rope ring - halters that do not slip

Rope halters with running rope connector - metal free halters that do not slip

Sidepull rope halters - halters with rings or loops on the sides for attaching reins

Quick halters - halters that are quick to put on and take off when you are in a hurry

Quick halter