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Rope bridles

Rope bridle, what is that? Well, the bridles you find here on this page are made entirely out of rope without any leather or metal parts. Instead you attach and adjust the different bridle parts with the help of movable knots.

There are two different main types to choose from:
  • Rope bridle with rope halter tying - is tied the same way as a rope halter, can be adjusted steplessly
  • Rope bridle with knot adjustment - does not need to be tied, can be adjusted between five different positions
Whichever type you choose, you attach a bit or bitless noseband to the bridle in the same easy way with the movable knots at the bottom ends of the cheek pieces. You can find more information about how to do this and also how to adjust the size of the bridle on the page FAQ & Info.

But why should you use a bridle made of rope when you can just use a regular leather bridle? For one thing rope is softer than leather and follows the shape of your horse more easily. Bridles made entirely of rope are also more durable and do not hade any leather straps that can snap or metal buckles that can rust and brake. In addition the rope bridles I make can be made in many different beautiful colors if you want your bridle to match your saddle pad or any other tack. You can of course also choose a more neutral color like black or brown if you prefer a bridle with a more traditional look.