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Loop reins

These loop reins consist of one whole length of rope with connectors in both ends. This type of rein is common in the Western disciplines barrel racing and roping but can just as well be used for English riding. Reins made of double braided rope are heavier than leather reins, which enables you to send signals to your horse with very small aids. Unlike English leather reins these rope reins do not have a buckle in the middle so to make it easy for you to see if your reins are even when you are riding you can choose to add a ring knot that marks the middle of your reins. That way you can avoid the reins becoming uneven and giving your horse wrong signals.

There are 3 different attachment options to choose from, with or without metal parts, so take a look below to see all the available options.

Loop reins with rope connectors - a metal free, more durable alternative to snaps