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Lead ropes - 14 mm (9/16 inch)

Here you can find lead ropes in lengths from 2 - 10 meters (7 - 33 feet), so whether you want a short lead for turning out your horse, a 12 foot lead for horsemanship training or a longer lunge line for groundwork you will probably find what you need here. And if the length you want is not available here I can always custom-make a lead rope according to your specific requirements, whether you want it to be 15 meters, 4,99 meters or any other length.

There are 3 different attachment options to choose from, with or without metal parts, as well as 4 different options for the lead rope end; from simple, plain ends to more decorative variants with knots and tassels. So take a look below to see which kind of lead rope you like.