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I make all my products by hand and am very flexible, so if you cannot find exactly what you are looking for among my standard products I gladly accept custom orders. Examples of custom orders can be anything from a lead rope with a specific length I do not usually offer to rope halters and reins with decorative knots or maybe something entirely new that I have not made before. I cannot guarantee that I can make absolutely anything, but almost, so do not be afraid to ask! Please contact me through the contact form or write an email to info@pilgrimsrep.se and I will do my very best to turn your ideas into reality.

When you place a custom order you can pay directly through the website the same way as when you buy something from my standard line of products. After we have established what you want I will add your custom order as a hidden product that you can find by using the search bar to the left to search for a unique number that I give you when I confirm your order. Then place your order in the shopping cart and complete your purchase as usual. When you have completed the purchase I will start processing your order.

You can find pictures of past custom orders I have made in the album "Specialbeställningar" on my Facebook page. The products in this album have been customized according to each customer's specific requirements, sometimes with the help of my suggestions and ideas. With these pictures I want to show what a diverse range of products you can make out of rope and hopefully give you some ideas of what type of rope tack that would suit your needs. All of the text on my Facebok page is written only in Swedish for now, but feel free to comment if you have any questions and I will do my best to explain and translate for you.