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Mecate reins

A mecate rein is a very versatile rein that can be used in many different ways. It consists of one long rope that is tied to the horse's headstall in such a way that you get both a pair of loop reins and a lead rope, so that you can easily get off and lead your horse if you need to. You can also use the whole length of the mecate rein as a long lead rope or as long reins for groundwork.

Mecate reins are traditionally used with bosals but can also be used with rope halters, bitless bridles and bridles with a bit. To attach a mecate rein to a bit or any similar tack it is common to use so called "slobber straps" made of leather, but if you prefer not to use leather you can find connectors made entirely of rope further down on this page that can be used in the same way as slobber straps.

Mecate rein accessories