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Long split reins

These long reins are split in the middle and consist of two separate rein parts. They come in many different lengths to suit horses of all sizes and a wide range of uses such as driving, ground driving and long rein work. You can also choose how thick you want your reins to be, either 6 or 10 mm (1/4 or 3/8 inch). 14 mm (9/16 inch) rope can be a bit too heavy for long reins so I have decided not to offer that as a standard option but if you really want long reins made of 14 mm rope I can of course custom-make such reins for you.

You have 3 different attachment options to choose from, with or without metal parts, so take a look below to see all of the available options.

Long split reins with rope connectors - a metal free, more durable alternative to snaps